Our Team

our team

Lalla Amina Bachiri

CEO & co-Founder

Lalla Amina  is a native of Errachidia, Morocco and has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Management from the Academy of Paris  Creteil and an advanced degree in Accounting and Finance from the Academy of Paris. Since 1995, Lalla Amina has worked in finance for several construction and development companies in Rabat and Meknes. She has a deep interest in improving the educational opportunities for Moroccans and foreigners in Morocco. Lalla Amina currently resides in Rabat, Morocco.

Khaled Chioui

Director & Lead teacher

Khaled Chaioui, a passionate English/ Moroccan Arabic teacher, is originally from Ain Chegag, a small town south Fez. After getting his Baccalaureat  certificate, he studied English studies at University Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah/ Fez where he got his BA in English/ Linguistics stream. He worked for American Peace Corps as a Moroccan Arabic teacher and a training assistant as well. Further, Khalid completed  100 hours  of teaching English for handicraft students as part of a teaching internship at the American Language Center in Fez.

Ali Abdeddin

MSA & Tashlhit Teacher

Ali Abdeddine is from the Amazigh village of Anguizem near Essaouira. He earned his BA in Arabic Studies and his MA in Amazigh poetry. He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree at the University of Hassan II. Ali is a certified OPI tester and taught Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic for the Arabic Flagship Program for 4 years. In his free time, Ali enjoys reading books and listening to music.

Badr Allouche

consultant & Study Abroad Coordinator

Badr Allouche is the former Acting director and the Community Relations Manager at the Safir Company, and our current study abroad counselor. He is a native of Sale, but grew up all over Morocco. He holds a degree in business and a BA in English Studies from the University Ibn Tofail in Kenitra, Morocco. Badr has four years of extensive experience as a Language and Culture Facilitator with the United States Peace Corps, teaching immersive Moroccan Arabic, and years of teaching life skills programs, employability skills, and other Community activities that benefited  the youths in Morocco

Elizabeth Jay

Study Abroad Coordinator

Elizabeth comes to us after serving in the Youth Development sector of the US Peace Corps for the past four years in a small community located in the mountains just outside of Marrakech. Before she came to Morocco, she was an adjunct professor at the University of Indianapolis, teaching Intro to Sociology and social Problems courses. She holds a BA in Sociology and Anthropology from DePauw University (with a minor in French) and an MA in Applied Sociology from the University of Indianapolis. Much of her academic background focused on women and cross-cultural examinations of society. This greatly influenced her decision to join Peace Corps and work with disadvantaged populations across the country, namely girls and women.

Elizabeth currently resides in Morocco.